AA call centre variation vote

Dear AA call centre E tū members,

On 22 October 2020, a union member meeting was held where a discussion around the continuation of the previous ratified variation to delay your 1 August 2020 2.5% wage increase, took place. Members had previously agreed to delay their negotiated increase by 3 months to assist the Association post COVID-19 lock down, and then to review whether or not to extend the delay again for another 3 months in October.   At the meeting, members discussed and agreed on the following motion:

“We do not agree to continue to extend the delay in our negotiated 2.5% pay increase.  However, to show good will to the Association, we will forgo back pay from 1 August and be paid our 2.5%  increase from 1 December 2020.”

Due to different shift rosters there were only a few attendees at that meeting.  Not enough to fairly represent all members.  Therefore we are asking you to vote on this motion using the following online voting form:

AA variation vote