Armourguard open letter

Sign the open letter below to let Armourguard know that we deserve better.

The more people who sign this, the more power we will have – so make sure you get all your workmates (including non-members) to sign up.

Open letter to Armourguard from the workers

We work long, unsociable hours, often in dangerous conditions. We put the safety and security of the public before our own in performing an essential service. We cover for each other when COVID-19 causes illness and we spend a lot of time and money driving between work sites. We are not rewarded for qualifications we’ve achieved in security work. Less than two-thirds of us receive the Living Wage. Huge increases in the cost of petrol and rent are making it impossible for us to feed our families. The owners of Armourguard make strong profits and pay themselves generous dividends. Please make us a pay offer that recognises the dangers and demands of our work, and the dedication and training we bring to the job. We deserve more – and we need more to survive. Yours sincerely,
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