Biennial Membership Meetings 2019 – Candidates

For North Island Vice President

Mischelle Moriarty

I am asking for your support for the National Executive position of North Island Vice President, which I currently hold.

Since E tū was formed, I have been a part of the National Executive team. I am on our Audit and Risk Committee, and a trustee for our  E tū Training and Education Foundation.

I am also a member of our Communication Industry Council. Prior to that I held a position on our EPMU National Executive and was on various committees.

I am currently the Manager at the Newmarket Post Shop/Kiwibank and have worked for NZ Post for over 30 years. I have always been a union member in my working life, and have been a union delegate for over 20 years.

I can provide the experience and continuity on the National Executive of E tū. I bring my business, union, and life skills to this role.

Improving the lives, wages, and working conditions of our members is my focus. I saw first hand how the equal pay case changed my friend and her family’s life. I have been fortunate to be involved with the aged care meetings, calling members re: voting, the Fair Pay Agreements, Living Wage, presented our submission for elected workplace delegates to the Select Committee and much more.

I believe our members voices should be heard, and the sharing of many inspiring stories from our members confirms this. It would be my privilege to represent you, the members.

Thank you for your vote of support.

Rasela Mulitalo

Talofa Lava, Greetings,

My name is Rasela Mulitalo, but I prefer to be known as Sela.

I am currently employed in the aged care sector, and have been since I was 18 years old.

I have been a E tū union member since 2014, and over the 5 years of my membership, I have had many opportunities to learn and build firm relationships and leadership qualities that have enabled me to embrace many roles within my employment and within the union such as:

• Senior delegate
• Health and Safety Representative
• Member Organiser
• Co-Convenor for the Central Region for Komiti Pasefika.

I have also been active and involved in campaigns such as:

• Equal pay for care and support
• The wider Living Wage campaign
• Hutt Valley Living Wage Movement.

Through my involvement with the E tū union, I have been fortunate to work alongside, and be mentored by the many experienced unionists within our E tū family. As a result, I have gained many transferable skills that I know I can put to great use if I was to be elected the North Island Vice President.

If elected as the North Island Vice President, I would not only continue to further develop my own learning and experiences, but I would also endeavour to be a strong advocate for our growing union family.

Lalaga le si’osi’omaga mo se lumana’i manuia.
Weave an environment for a better future.

I look forward to accepting a new challenge and building positive relationships with all involved.

Awhi mai awhi atu, tātou tātou e.
Embrace and receive one another, we are one together.

Thank you for your consideration,

For South Island Vice President

Natasha Packham

Greetings, I am writing today to put forward my expression of interest in the role of South Island Vice President.

I am a born and raised Southern girl, and have represented our union at a governance level, on the former EPMU, and currently on the E tū National Executive as the Southern Regional Representative.

In total I have now gained over 8 years of governance experience.

I also represent on the current Food and Manufacturing Council and have done so on various industry related councils for over 10 years.

I feel honoured to have helped at a governance level with the formation and implementation of E tū and its visions and goals.

I am an active member and work hard to build relationships and understand issues from both sides, and have pushed hard for gender equality and extend this out to members’ families and communities such as the P.I. Committee.

I work tirelessly on behalf of my members and feel I have built a reputation as someone who cares and who brings passion to the position.

With the length of service and experience I now have, I feel I am both capable and qualified to take on the position of South Island Vice President, and I would be immensely proud to represent you as your FIRST FEMALE South Island Vice President.

Thanks for your time,
Natasha Packham

Ray Pilley

My name is Ray Pilley and I am the E tū South Island Vice President.

I have been a union member for 35 years and a union delegate, Deputy Site Convenor and a Health and Safety Rep.

I am an electrician at Delta Utility Services in Dunedin (10 years) and prior worked at Fisher & Paykel for 25 years.

I served on the National Executive for EPMU including the Audit Committee and was Remuneration Committee Chair.

I am a member of the E tū Communication Industry Council and the Trades Reference Group.

I was the union representative on the board of Skills Organisation ITO for 7 years and have an Institute of Directors certificate in Company Direction.

I ask for your vote so I can help our union grow and prosper while providing accountability and oversite on behalf of our members.

For Central Region Representative

Marianne Bishop

I live in Wellington and work as a caregiver in residential aged care facilities. I have worked in the health industry all my working life. I am a wife (with a very supportive husband), a sister, a mother and a nana. I come from a large working class family and I have never had things easy in life. I have had to fight and work hard to get where I am today.

I am an active E tū member. I recently became an E tū Life Member. I am very proud of our union E tū, our diversity in membership and industry coverage.
Because I am passionate about social justice and making a difference by helping people I like to help in campaigns that will make positive change to people’s lives. I speak at events about workers’ and families’ issues. I put submissions in and speak to them at Select Committee hearings in Parliament and at Wellington City Council. I speak at public meetings and I am invited to speak at conferences. I am not afraid to speak up or speak out.

I am a proud member of the Labour Party, but I also speak to MPs of other political parties about workers’ and families’ issues. I attend Labour Party Regional and Labour Party National Conferences and speak about our campaigns, workers’ and families’ issues. I feel this is a great way to make changes to workers’ lives, change the laws and give workers more protection. Employers have to abide by laws.

I was the former SFWU Central Region President before the merger.
I am a member of E tū Community Support Services Industry Council.
I have great governance skills and I use them all the time in my union roles, at work and in my community work. Until last year I was on E tū National Executive, I would like to get back on National Executive and represent you, our membership. I am keen to hear from members about their issues.

I ask that you vote for me to represent you as your Central Region Representative on E tū National Executive.

Angelique Kerr

It has been a privilege to serve as the Central Region Representative on E tū’s National Executive for the last 2 terms. I have learnt a lot and have been able to make a positive contribution to my union.

I am asking for you to vote for me again and to re-elect me to this position so that I can continue to work on a number of important issues. I want to continue to focus on ensuring that our union invests more in training our membership to help recruit more members. Also, the work around pay equity and the Living Wage is ongoing and I’d love to be a part of that work.

Some of the highlights so far of my time on the National Executive have been getting to chair the Audit and Risk Committee. I have enjoyed being able to delve into the finances of the union to make sure that we are strategic in how we use the funds we have to grow and support the union to be the best it can be. I also really enjoyed being a part of setting the strategic direction of the union and helping to collectively decide on the key values that the union stands for. The values of integrity, manaakitanga, being aspirational, respect and being accountable are important to everything that we do as a union.

I believe my strength is my experience within the Labour Movement. I have experience campaigning, engaging in workplace bargaining, building relationships and agreements between E tū, other unions and political parties.

I would love to serve the Central Region again on the National Executive.