Care & support interim payment

Email template

Te Whatu Ora has provided a funding increase of around 5% to lift the wages of care and support workers, while they are waiting for their pay equity claim to be settled.

It has said it has a “strong expectation” that employers will pass on this increase to its workers “as soon as possible”.

We need your help to remind your employer to pass on your pay!

Copy and paste the email template below and insert your name to send your boss the message that workers need their pay increase now.

Subject line: Where’s my 5%?

Dear [name],

I am doing essential mahi as a care and support worker. The work I do involves great responsibility, and is skilled and difficult, yet I struggle to makes ends meet caring for the most vulnerable in our society.

The Government has given you the money for an interim pay rise while we wait for our pay equity claim to be settled. Please don’t make us wait any longer.

Yours, [name]