A new collective agreement for cleaners

We have got an offer to vote on. After months of the cleaning companies refusing to budge, we have won a 30c per hour pay increase for members, and several other improvements for our commercial cleaning members.

E tū is recommending that you vote to ACCEPT this offer.

You will need to use your membership number to vote, which can be found in an email and/or text message sent to you on Monday 15 April.

Here are some of the key wins:

  • A 30 cents per hour increase for all members coming into effect 1 June 2024. The new minimum rate of pay will go from $23.15 to $23.45.
  • The new Collective Agreement runs until 31 March 2025.
  • Vehicle reimbursement rate will increase from 83 cents to the IRD rate. 
  • Employers are required to provide employees access to first-aid kits. 
  • Phone data use – members will have the opportunity to speak to their employer for a resolution if they are required to use too much of their own data on the job.

In order to win a pay offer from cleaning employers, a 90-day trial period has been included in the proposed settlement. However, the union has gained an important exception for current members. This means you and other current members of the union will not be subject to a 90-day trial while being employed by any of the commercial cleaning employer parties.  

Click here to read the proposed new collective agreement

Click here to read the terms of settlement