Community Living Trust – Bargaining 2024

Bargaining round 1 – 03-04 April 2024

Your bargaining teams have spent a solid two days in negotiations with CLT for your pay and conditions.

It has been a very eye-opening first round and while we cannot get into specifics yet, your delegates want to let you know that while we are still very far apart on the bulk of the claims, they remain confident there will be some improvements coming your way.

More information will come out as we make progress, but we need you all to stay in touch with each other and your delegates.

The next round of bargaining is booked for 21-22 May 2024 and we want you all to keep an eye out for the upcoming union Pajama (PJ) day, 21 May 2024 to support your safe sleeping claim. More info to come.

Finally, your delegates need to find out where you are working within CLT.