Community Support Services Industry Council

The Community Support Services Industry Council is a vital voice for your sector in your union’s leadership. It consists of delegates like you who have volunteered to provide leadership for the whole industry.

The delegates on the council are chosen to be representative of regions, employers, sub-industries, genders, and ethnicities.

We currently have two vacancies on the industry council as people have stepped down for personal reasons. Involvement does mean participation in regular Zoom meetings, approximately monthly and two face-to-face huis a year.

Given the need for pay equity for care and support workers and a transformation of the care system in Aotearoa to make it fit for purpose, this is an important role and comes with full support from other members of the council and union staff.

Marianne Bishop MNZM, Industry Council Convenor – “Kia ora Delegates, we currently have two vacancies on our Industry Council.

Our 2-year term has just over a year to go, so we want to fill the vacancies if you are interested in being part of our Industry Council and being part making a difference in our sector.

We are meeting at least monthly via ZOOM at the moment due to being the Reference Group for the Pay Equity Claim. We look forward to working with more Delegates in our Industry, so we would love to hear from you.”

What should you do?
This is a democratic process on the constitutional side of our union.  Please complete the form below to submit your interest in becoming a Community Support Services Industry Council member.

Community Support Services Industry Council Expression of Interest Form

Applications must be received by 5pm on Wednesday 20th December 2023