COVID-19: Vaccine mandates

Who needs to get a vaccine?

E tū members in these industries are covered by the Government’s vaccine mandate:

Other workplaces that do not fall into the industries specified by the Government may also be covered by the vaccine mandate.

This is decision is based on a risk assessment.

What do employers need to do?

Since October 2021, workers doing roles that require vaccination were given a four-week notice period to get vaccinated (if they weren’t already).

After this time, then their employment could be terminated.

Under the vaccine mandate, employers need to:

  • Provide paid time off so workers can get their vaccinations
  • Keep records about each worker’s vaccination status

What does E tū think of the COVID-19 vaccine?

E tū strongly supports the Government’s vaccine roll out.

We encourage everyone who can be to get vaccinated.

We think of it as a powerful tool that will help keep our whānau, colleagues, and communities protected.

High vaccination rates will also help us to get back to the many parts of our lives that are important to us.

How will E tū support its members?

E tū wants to make sure that:

  • members have a good understanding of what the mandate means
  • members’ workplace rights are upheld
  • employers follow a fair process to implement the mandate
  • workers are properly consulted about mandate as it relates specifically to their roles
  • workers have access to information and community support about the vaccine.

This includes representation for those who decide not to be vaccinated, or who meet the criteria for an exemption to the mandate.

What about members who can’t get the vaccine?

Most importantly, E tū wants to see a fair process.

If a risk assessment shows that vaccination is necessary for a worker’s particular role, then an employer should make the best effort to find suitable, alternative work for workers who are not vaccinated.

We won’t tolerate discrimination against workers who choose not to vaccinate.

E tū also does not condone harassment and breaches of privacy regarding workers’ medical lives.

What do the experts say?

Last year, we spoke with microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles and Waitākere Union Health clinical director Siobhan Trevallyan about the Pzifer vaccine.

Check out the conversation below!

Last updated: 25 January 2022