E tū members update March 2021 – annual fee increase

Kia ora E tū members

Thank you again for your work in building the collective power of E tū!  As a union member, you are part of a vital movement creating better working conditions for members across New Zealand.
E tū policy, set by members at our Biennial Conference, schedules a yearly change in your membership fees to align with the annual increase in the CPI (Consumers Price Index). This means that from 1 April, there is a small increase in your membership fee of 1.4%.
The CPI is a measure of inflation for Kiwi households. CLICK HERE to see the official report.
How much will my fees increase this year?
For 2021, the increase will be only 1.4%.
This is equal to a maximum WEEKLY increase of 11 cents or $5.72 PER YEAR for members who work full-time. The rates are less for members who work part-time.
Please see our new fees schedule for 2021 below.

  Current fee New fee Increase per week
35+ hours per week $7.98 $8.09 $0.11
20 to 34 hours per week $6.38 $6.47 $0.09
Under 20 hours per week $4.00 $4.06 $0.06
Freelance journalist fee $4.00 $4.06 $0.06

How does E tū use membership fees?
The increase helps us to continue our advocacy, organising and campaigning to keep transforming workplaces across the country.
Your fees help to contribute to many aspects of our work, including:

  • negotiating regular collective pay increases
  • organising the Living Wage for our lowest-paid workers
  • protecting members’ jobs
  • representing members who face unfair treatment at work
  • campaigning for meaningful political change.

While E tū has undoubtedly felt the impacts of COVID-19 along with many other organisations and businesses in New Zealand, careful financial management and strict accountability means we are positively placed to lead E tū members to Rebuild Better and create fairer conditions for all working people in a post-pandemic world.
E tū member benefits
Along with the regular benefits provided by E tū, we offer a range of discounts at outlets and services like PB Tech, Vodafone, Super Advice, Event Cinemas, Specsavers, Avis and Budget rentals, and more!
Click HERE to check out our E tū member benefits.
Solidarity Membership option
Just retired? Job hunting and need support from your union? Want to top up your fees to support our campaigns?
Become a Solidarity Member – our newest membership category – which means you can still be part of the union, connected with our activities, and supported through our new digital tool, Job Match. And if you are already a member, you are contributing a little bit more financially.
Our fees schedule for Solidarity Membership options is as follows (if you are already a member, this is a voluntary top-up to your regular fee):

Weekly fee 1 Weekly fee 2 Weekly fee 3 Weekly fee 4
2.00 $4.00 $6.00 $10.00

Keep watching this space – we’ll let you know when you’re able to join as a Solidarity Member by post or on the E tū website.

Building on our wins in 2021

Our strong links to civil society organisations, such as other unions and community groups, means E tū campaigns for a better deal for workers at every level of society.

This year, we’ll be continuing to push for sector standards through Fair Pay Agreements, the Living Wage for all workers and contracted workers, social insurance and social procurement, along with the normal union work we do, making sure you are protected and represented at work.

Let’s stick together to keep transforming the lives of working Kiwis!

In solidarity,

Bill Newson
E tū National Secretary