Employer Contacts Update 2023

We are currently updating our contacts with regards to Employment Related Education Leave (EREL) as related to the employment Relations Act 2000, Section 7 (Link) and other Union related matters. We would greatly appreciate your assistance in this.

Please complete the below form with the contact information of the person or department who processes EREL requests for each site or department under your care.

If you are unable to provide this information, we kindly ask that you pass this on to the relevant department or manager who may be able to help. We require this information to be correct and up to date so that we can provide you with the legally required information regarding any EREL events that are held in the future.

Further information on EREL can be found here

You can leave any sections or text boxes blank if they are not applicable or the information is not available, but please provide as much information as possible to ensure correct communication between us.

If you are completing this form just for a specific site, instead of employer-wide, please clarify which site in this field.

Main EREL Contact

This contact will be the main recipient of EREL (Employment Related Education Leave) requests and updates. This is where information will be sent regarding members requiring leave for training and other union activities.

Thank you for your assistance in ensuring our records are up to date.

If there is any extra information or other contact details you would like to provide, please email EREL@etu.nz.