Equal pay submission template

It’s time to make a submission on the Government’s Equal Pay Amendment Act!

The current Government is proposing a new law to amend the Equal Pay Act 1972. Submissions are open for us to have our say on the Equal Pay Amendment Bill.

E tū supports the Equal Pay Act 1972 being amended to implement the report on the Joint Working Group on Pay Equity Principles. This is important law because it determines the rights and processes for claims to ensure that work predominantly done by women is valued.

This new Bill will make it easier for women to be paid what they’re worth, but there are changes needed to create a simple and smooth process that will deliver a just equal pay settlement. These include:

  • a robust process of review so that the value of equal pay is maintained over time
  • shorter time periods at each stage so employers can’t delay the process
  • the right to join multiple employers to claims so more workers can benefit
  • a well-funded organisation so workers are supported to make claims
  • keeping the current law on back-pay, so women can claim six year’s back-pay from when they first file a claim.

What you can do?

Use our template to make a submission to reinforce these points above. You do not have to respond in each section. This form will be sent to the select committee.

Equal pay submission template

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