Union fee changes

Kia ora koutou, greetings all E tū members

We are now well into 2024, and it’s already shaping up to be a huge year for E tū. There are major collective agreement negotiations in progress and coming up, and our teams are well-equipped to win the best terms and conditions possible. It’s a big year for our internal democracy, with Delegate Forums in April and the E tū Biennial Conference in July. We will continue to campaign for fairness and justice for all workers and our communities, using industrial, political, and legal strategies in some new and exciting ways.

I know things are tough for many E tū members and their whānau at the moment, particularly with the high cost of living and an uncertain international economic climate. I am proud to be a part of E tū as we take on these challenges together, putting our workers and our communities first. Thanks for being part of our movement.

– Rachel Mackintosh, E tū National Secretary

Membership fee update for 2024
It’s E tū policy that our membership fees increase each year on 1 April in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from the previous year, ending December 2023.
This E tū fee policy was voted on by members when E tū was first established and remains our union’s policy. The annual CPI increase for the year to December 2023 was 4.7%, our fees will increase by the same percentage from 1 April 2024.
The CPI, which measures inflation (the general increase in prices of goods and services) for New Zealand households, reflects rises in prices we are all experiencing. The good news is that CPI is lower than it was last year, and economists expect it to keep trending downwards. That’s why the increase is smaller this year than it was in 2023.

The costs of operating E tū to support our members have increased by the same percentage and the increase in fees means we can meet those extra costs. But since E tū was formed, on average, we’ve negotiated wage increases that have been more than the average annual increases to the CPI.
How your fees will change
The biggest increase to fees will be by $0.43 per week.
The smallest increase to fees is $0.22 per week.

 Number of hours you work per weekCurrent feeNew feeIncrease per week
35+ hours per week$9.20$9.63$0.43
20 to 34 hours per week$7.35$7.70$0.35
Under 20 hours per week$4.60$4.82$0.22
Freelance journalist fee$4.60$4.82$0.22

NB: This is not per hour but is the amount your fees increase for a whole week.

How does E tū use your membership fees?
The increase will help us, as a union, to meet our basic costs so that we can continue to support you – our members.
It also goes towards our work in advocacy, organising, and campaigning to keep transforming workplaces across the country.
Your fees enable all of us together to win big and win often!
This includes things like:

  • negotiating regular collective pay increases
  • protecting member’s jobs
  • campaigning for the Living Wage for our lowest-paid workers
  • representing members who face unfair treatment at work
  • organising for meaningful change in the law.

 E tū member benefits
Along with everything else that comes as part of your membership, E tū also offers a range of discounts specially for members.
Big brand names and services like PB Tech, Vodafone, Super Advice, Event Cinemas, Specsavers, Avis and Budget rentals are in there.
CLICK HERE to see more!
Solidarity Membership option
We also offer a special membership option for workers who don’t necessarily need access to our workplace organising but want to support and stay in touch with the union.
This could be for you if you’re retired, a student, a community leader, or looking for work and want support but are not a full member of E tū.

Solidarity membership gives you access to E tū Job Match. Visit https://jobmatch.etu.nz/ for more info!
E tū Solidarity Membership options start from only $2 per week.
CLICK HERE to learn more about E tū Solidarity.

Thank you again for being an E tū member.