IDEA Services Bargaining 2023

Update: 02 November 2023


As you have seen in the update from IDEA Services, your E tū union has initiated the renewal of your collect employment agreement (CA).
It is a legal requirement that IDEA notifies you about this, but you do not need to do anything with the notice.
What you need to do is complete the quick 2-minute survey about the issues you want to raise in bargaining

Click here to complete the survey online.

Late November and early December your delegates will be meeting to discuss the results of your surveys and create your claims for bargaining.
After these meetings, we will come back out to all members and ask them to confirm/endorse the claims and the delegates nominated to represent you in the bargaining team.
If you have any questions about the bargaining, please speak to your delegates or call our organisers on 0800186466.

Download a paper version for you to print below.


E tū has been working to improve the rights of Health and Safety reps at IDEA.
To ensure you are safe at work we need members to put their hand up to be Health and Safety reps.
You will get paid training, and you are paid for your time when you are doing H&S Rep duties.
If you are interested, please let us know by contacting our organisers on 0800186466 or sending an email to


Throughout 2023 E tū has been working on the Pay Equity claim for Caregivers. E tū members at IDEA were invited to paid meetings for updates as the claim continued to progress.
However, we have hit a bump in the road.
E tū and the other unions to the claim are following legal advice about the stalling of the claim by the Ministry of Health.
The Ministry of Health appears to be questioning the integrity of the claim. The value of the work you do in comparison with the male-dominated comparators indicates a significant undervaluation and the Ministry was not prepared for how much this could cost them.

Now with the change in Government, we have two political parties that refused to give you a commitment to seeing the Pay Equity claim through to its completion.
We also have concerns that any deal will only be for the 15 named employers on the claim and not be extended to the wider industry. For this reason, we have been in touch with IDEA and confirmed we are raising a second Pay Equity claim to ensure workers at IDEA do not miss out on Pay Equity when it comes.
Care and Support Workers will win Pay Equity. The change in the Government just means it will take a bit longer to get the win and we might need to change the way we pursue the claim.

Join our fortnightly E tū members Pay Equity Update meetings online every other Monday at 7 pm for care and support workers – please RSVP by emailing