IDEA Services ratification documents

The following is a summary of the matters agreed as part of the proposed settlement to renew your E tū Collective Agreement.


  • Wage increases to apply from the date a qualification is attained and not once IDEA sees proof.
  • Set timeframes for verification (10 days from the request) and marking of assessments (within 3 weeks).
  • Support for training – More specific detail around the support employees will receive to attain qualifications and move up the wage scales. These include:
    • A requirement for a signed off training plan detailing the agreed forms of support and timeframes. This could include literacy support, a learning buddy among other supports.
    • Enable group learning opportunities.
    • Payment for attendance at required training.

Post incident Recovery/Wellbeing Leave (replacing the stress leave provisions)

  • Paid time off for incident recovery where determined appropriate.
  • Requirements for managers to meet with workers self-identifying an impact on their mental health and wellbeing as a result of a work incident to discuss paid time and additional support.
  • Follow up discussion with management will occur either prior to or within a reasonable timeframe of an employee returning to work post incident to agree on what additional steps may be taken to ensure a safe place of work and that an employees wellbeing is maintained.
  • Confirmation of the right to a support person including union delegate or health and safety rep in any such discussions.


  • Removal of the requirement to do an incident form in order to claim your hourly rate when undertaking work during a sleepover.


  • Replacement of the current 4 tiered RIDSAS allowance with a straight $1~per hour payment.
  • Buy out provisions of the role of RIDSAS after hours coordinators affecting 5 individuals include payments for 13 pay fortnights and lump sums based on service. – Details in the ToS

Administrators and scheduling coordinators

  • New wage scales for Scheduling Coordinators who previously only had a flat rate regardless of experience and competency. – check the terms of settlement for the new updated progression criteria.
  • Wage increases for Administration coordinators and assistants. with some backdating.
  • Back pay to the 15 March 2022.

Administration assistants

  • Administration Assistants shall be paid an hourly rate of $22 as from 15 March 2022 (being $0.80 above the Minimum Adult Wage from 1 April 2022). That margin will be maintained if there is any increase in the minimum wage during the term.

Christmas Leave

Clear process and timeframes around the application and approval of leave over the Christmas period.

  • The Christmas period covered by the process will be from 24 December to 5 January.
  • Applications received by 15 September will be given priority.
  • A decision on the leave must be given by the 16th of October.

Management of Change

As previously reported back to members IDEA Services had a number of changes they wanted to the process and protections for workers in managing change.

These included shorter consultations timeframes and an easier process and restricted access to redundancy where they get to decide if redeployment options should be acceptable to the worker. They were also seeking reduced paid notice for redundant workers.

We have successfully managed to retain the following:

  • Prior notification to E tū of change proposals.
  • An opportunity to be involved in the process.
  • Some clearer details and principals around the consultation process.
  • An emphasis on other options than redundancy when there is a staff surplus.
  • A months paid notice after the process is complete retained.
  • Entitlement to redundancy retained.
  • Clear separate employee protection provisions in a sale of business situation.


The Collective Agreement will commence on the date of ratification (signing) and expire on 24 December 2023.

We can start the bargaining process next September right at the time we may need to pressure the funders on the on-going pay equity process.

Memorandum of Understanding on working together to influence Care and Support Pay Equity outcomes

This includes:

  • Training of E tū delegates to be able to deliver education with workers.
  • Paid education meetings with workers.
  • A joint communications strategy.
  • Agreed release time for E tū members to influence key decision makers.
  • IDEA seeking agreement with Families to allow MPs to work alongside support workers to gain a better appreciation of the important work you do.

Other matters agreed

  • Updating the new Support Worker pay rates (included on the last page).
  • Making it clear that an employee can’t be compelled to use their own vehicle for the employers business without their agreement.
  • New additional clear principles and commitments to Health and Safety.
  • To attach the support worker job description to the Collective.
  • Confirmation of the phasing out of the Service Coordinators role through attrition.
  • Support worker job description added to the back of the Collective Agreement.
  • Technical tidy-ups – Removal of classifications and provisions that no longer have any relevance or effect.

Members’ key claims we couldn’t get agreement on

  • Guaranteed additional sick leave beyond the 10 days now required by law.
  • Weekend rates.
  • Clearer requirements for guaranteed hours and set days and times
  • Enhanced rights for Union delegates
  • Clear provisions in the collective outlining support and rights around family violence.
  • Specific paid time for completing workbooks for training.

Work to do

Sick leave

There is a provision within the terms of settlement for the parties to explore whether by reducing the unlimited accrual of sick is a way of enhancing sick leave provisions which could include increasing the amount of paid sick leave workers can get access to. 

This came after we explored multiple options with the IDEA team to improve sick leave for members. The options we tabled included Unlimited sick leave, an additional 10 days, 5 days, 2 days, a pool of sick leave, additional sick leaved when your balance was exhausted and even a different form of discretionary sick leave.

No matter what we explored the response from IDEA was the same and that was they simply could not afford to increase the costs to address the members claims. IDEA did inform us that they had been topping up COVID  payments since October 2021 but that this practice couldn’t be guaranteed and was  being reviewed almost fortnightly costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The hope is that the work group may come up with something that works for both parties.

Time to vote!

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NOTE: You are not voting on the rates below.

These are the new tables inserted in the Collective Agreement to reflect the new legislated Care and Support rates.

The far right column are the current rates of pay.

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