Local elections candidate commitments

E tū will endorse and promote specific local elections candidates who share our values and make commitments to improving Aotearoa New Zealand through their roles if elected or re-elected.

We are inviting some candidates to agree to our Living Wage and housing asks. We will then publish their commitment on our website and encourage our members and supporters to vote for them.

Living Wage ask

The candidate will:

  • support and promote the Living Wage being implemented or maintained for all those employed across the council business, including council-controlled organisations
  • support all contracted workers, delivering a regular and ongoing service to the council, being paid at minimum the Living Wage
  • support action to become an accredited Living Wage Employer within the next term of the Council, or maintain accreditation
  • support and promote an ongoing relationship with Living Wage Movement Aotearoa/New Zealand through a formal local consultative group that oversees a plan and its implementation
  • support the council as champion of the Living Wage in the local economy.

Housing ask

 The candidate will:

  • support the right to decent and affordable housing for all, in line with the Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing
  • provide and facilitate the provision of affordable, healthy, accessible, secure, and culturally adequate rental accommodation retained on council land
  • support Māori housing initiatives
  • support a range of affordable housing initiatives in partnership with CHPs, Kainga Ora, and private developers.

If you are a candidate in the 2022 local elections and have been invited to participate, please fill out the short survey below.

Local elections 2022 – candidate pledge

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