Metlifecare bargaining – outcome summary

10 March 2023

This is a summary with some comment on the key aspects of proposed changes to the Metlifecare Collective Agreement.

Please refer to the full signed terms of settlement for all the changes (underneath the table).

Thank you to the team who helped put this together.

Term12 Month Term 1/8/2022 to 31/7/2023. We will be bargaining again later this year, maybe August.  
Pay Equity rates Caregiver ratesIncrease the printed rates by 1% from 1/4/2023. This is a small advance on expected pay equity outcome.
Pay Parity Registered Nurses  Registered Nurses minimum printed rates increase from 1/8/2022 and Government funding for Nurses will provide increases 1/4/2023  
Service’s staffPrinted rates in printed scale are upgraded. Minimum increase on paid rates is 5% from 1/8/22, see scale.  
AllowancesIncrease weekend allowance from $3.50 to $3.80 from 1/4/2023. All workers are entitled to the weekend allowance $3.80 1/4/2023. Increase night shift allowance from $14 to $15 from 1/4/2023.  
Medication allowance$5.00 paid max one competent grade 4 caregiver per shift.1/4/2023.  
EducationClarity for Course fees, includes on line, and time to be paid
Public holidayProvides a calculation formula for part timers if they do not have a regular shift pattern.  
Te TiritiCommitment to work together to broaden understanding.  
Metlifecare DaysWe will provide reference to recently announced Metlifecare policy, entitlement to claim 3 Wellness days and birthday leave.
Noting that Metlifecare policy on these days deflected our claim for additional sick pay. Noting entitlement arises from policy.  
Other settlementsEach of the settlements with the major chains have been a little different, this proposed settlement is broadly in line.  
VotingThe online vote will open on Friday 24 March 2023 at 9am and close on 28 March 2023 at 4pm.

Full terms of settlement

Collective agreement with tracked changes


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