Oceania Multi Union Collective Agreement

Summary Oceania Multi Union Collective Agreement.

You can read all of the proposed changes in terms of settlement document.

  1. Some minor technical changes for clarity in the wording of the Agreement related to how we change the Collective Agreement outside of normal negotiations.
  2. Bereavement leave – extending bereavement leave to include unveilings/hura kōhatu.
  3. Term of Agreement – 1 July 2022 to 31 March 2023 – the length of term means we will be back in bargaining early in 2023 which also gives us the opportunity to work with the employers on how the new Government funding will be applied to meet their goal of addressing the pay discrepancies across the health sector.
  4. There has been a pay improvement across the pay scales which addresses the lower paid members and the recruitment and retention issues for nursing staff.
  5. There has been an improvement in the weekend allowance from 10% to 12% (for non-HCA roles) and the night rate moves from the current $1.75 per hour to $2.00 per hour.
  6. The actualising Te Tiriti claim was extensively discussed with the terms of settlement confirming the employer’s commitment to comply with the Health and Disability Standards and that they will work through the Oceania JCC process with the Unions to broaden their understanding and knowledge and implementation of the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Tikanga, and the uniqueness of Māori as tāngata whenua.
  7. The employer will also consider the appropriateness of remunerating employees where the employer relies on their cultural skills in the workplace.
  8. Safe staffing the employer commits to achieving safe staffing levels. There are principles agreed regarding the way staff are rostered (please see full terms of settlement).
  9. Training for HCAs: attention is being given to supporting HCAs to achieve their Levels and timely progression of assessments.
  10. Medication Allowance – to be further explored through the JCC process. A claim based on the evidence/recommendations of this work will be put forward in the next bargaining round (early next year).
  11. Sector and Community Advocacy leave – Support is given for union members who are involved in these activities to be released from work to participate; this includes attending union training on related to lobbying for industry funding and safe staffing.
  12. Covid self-isolation leave – agreement that applications for union members who require this leave will be processed in a timely manner to ensure continuity of income while off work.
  13. Agreement to consider partial redundancy payments where appropriate, depending on the circumstances
  14. Agreement to share information on union membership/new employees.
  15. Pay Parity – agreement to work with the unions on the implications of the Government Pay Parity funding.

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