OCS Holiday Pay

OCS, as well as many other employers, were incorrectly calculating holiday pay for many years.

They were audited by the Labour Inspectorate, and as a result have undertaken a remediation process to work out how much money all of their employees are owed.  

You will have or will be receiving a letter from OCS stating the amount of money that they plan to pay you as a result of this process.

The amount in your letter could be different to other cleaners that you work with.

You are likely to receive more if, between 2010 -2021, you often worked extra hours and different shift patterns.

Where as if you consistently worked the same hours on the same days every week, it is less likely there will have been problems with the way your holiday pay was calculated over that time.

You can call E tū 0800 186 466 if you would like to talk further about the calculation and if you are concerned that this amount is not correct.

Please do this before you sign the letter.