DHB candidates’ responses to home support questionnaire

With local elections upon us, E tū members in home support have emailed all the District Health Board (DHB) candidates who have published their email addresses. Many of them didn’t respond, but some of them gave some very thoughtful answers. We asked them:

  1. Will you advocate for nationally consistent funding at a level to deliver quality care and consistent procurement practices with worker participation and accountability?
  2. Will you advocate for the full implementation of the Home Support DG Reference Group report?
  3. Will you ensure highly skilled support workers (who are appreciated as skilled health professionals) can be a part of assessing client needs?
  4. We want to ensure home support workers have decent jobs and have real guaranteed hours of work that don’t change every few weeks or months – real income security and permanent employment, fair pay for coordination and administration staff, and to counter common workplace issues like unfair treatment at work and poor health and safety practices. How will you ensure that home support workers have decent jobs?
  5. Do you support decent allocations of time based on client need, with some flexibility, to ensure the needs of our elderly receiving care can genuinely be met?

Please click ‘download’ to view the answers from the candidates.