Sistema newsletter: Christmas and New Year 2020-21

Hello Sistema E tū union members,

This newsletter is to update you about what has happened in bargaining since our last round of membership meetings in November.

We met with your employer again on 10, 11 and 16 December, where we presented to them, your endorsed response to their last offer.  Sistema E tū members endorsed a minimum rate of the Living Wage ($22.10 for 2020), backdated to the date of expiry (30 Sep 2020), with a guaranteed no loss of earnings for any reduction in hours and for other outstanding claims to be resolved.

The previous company offer was for 12-hour union members to go to 8-hour roster which would have resulted in a loss in income approximately a $300 per week. While that offer looked ok for member already on 8 hours, your employer was only offering it from the date of ratification and not backdating from September 2020.

In the last 3 days of bargaining your employer only made very slight adjustments in their offer. These adjustments were minor pay rate increases for employees already on 8-hour shifts, or for 12-hour employees to move to 8 hours. These increases would still mean a huge drop of income (still around $300) for anyone changing hours and would not include any backdating. To encourage members to move from 12 to 8 hours, they were now offering 0% for anyone who waned to stay on 12-hours and couldn’t afford the pay cut.  This new offer falls far short of your mandated position and we can not recommend it to you.

We are now aiming to meet your employer sometime in February 2021, in mediation to resume bargaining to try and get an acceptable deal.  Once we have a mediation date set, we will update you of it, as well as any outcomes.

As a union, the more members we have, the stronger we become and the more likely we are to win decent pay and conditions.  Please keep asking fellow workmates who you know are not yet E tū members to join.  They can join  instantly by going to or by downloading the ‘E tū union toolbox’ phone app and using the join function there.  Your union delegates also have membership forms.

In the meantime, we wish a happy festive season to you and your families.

The E tū bargaining team

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