Spotless Soft Services pay increases and backpay finally implemented

Spotless has confirmed it has finally paid out all of the money owing to E tū members from last year’s collective agreement settlement. The agreement was finalised in November, but it took E tū members getting active together and the threat of legal action to get the money. 

These increases were won because Spotless workers like you joined together as E tū members. 

E tū members should have seen a lump sum payment appear in your bank account a few weeks ago.  Below is an overview of what you should have been paid out and your new rate of pay.

This information applies to Spotless members except those working at Tiwai point, Mercy and Ascot Hospitals, and Christ College, Rochester, and Rutherford Halls. Separate information has been sent out.

The following examples refer only to cleaners, catering/kitchen assistants, laundry workers and cleaning supervisors.  If you work for Spotless in another job, you can see the full list of premiums over the minimum wage in the information below.

New pay rate

The rate of pay should now be $19.20 for cleaners, laundry workers kitchen/catering assistants and $20.20 for cleaning site supervisors.

How the pay increases work

As a result of the settlement, E tū members were entitled to a pay increase above the minimum wage on the 1st September 2019, based on the job you do. 

For cleaners, laundry and kitchen/catering assistants, this increase was 30c, meaning that the payrate should have been $18.00. 

For cleaning supervisors, the increase was $1.30 taking the rate to $19.00.

Then on the 1st April 2020, the government minimum wage went up to $18.90.   In addition to the minimum wage increase E tū members are entitled to be paid 30c ($1.30 for supervisors) extra per hour.  This takes the new rate to $19.20 cleaners, laundry and kitchen/catering assistants ($20.20 for supervisors) 

However, because Spotless did not pay the payrise until now, E tū members only received the minimum wage increase to $18.90 on 1st April 2020. Because of that, you are entitled to backpay right back to the 1st September 2019.  


Your backpay is worked out using the following calculation.

Cleaners/laundry/catering assistants

Number of hours worked between 1 September 2019 – 13th August 2020   multiplied (X)  30c = Amount of backpay before tax

Cleaning site supervisors

Number of hours worked between 1 September 2019 –  13th August 2020    multiplied (X)  1.30c = Amount of backpay before tax

Check the amount you have been paid.  If it doesn’t seem right, you should contact your payroll person for more information.  If it is not resolved there, you should speak to your E tū delegate or call E tū 0800 186 466.

Lump sum

In addition to the backpay, E tū members covered by the collective agreement on 1st September 2019 were entitled to $150 lump sum payments.  Members should have already received this before now. 

More information

You can access the full collective agreement by logging onto My E tū:

What’s next?

E tū members are campaigning to win Fair Pay Agreements for cleaners, so we win decent jobs in cleaning.  You can find out more and get involved here:  Ask your workmates to join the union. More members means more power to fix problems and win better pay and conditions at work.  It’s easy for them to join online

Table of premiums paid over the minimum wage for different jobs