Te Whatu Ora – Trades Ratification 2023

11 October 2023

Summary of the offer.

For full details please read the terms of settlement and tracked changed agreement which your delegates have.
This agreement will cover every Te Whatu Ora district.

There are new appendix added for new groups who are now covered.
Waitemata shift engineers, Hutt Valley & West Coast.
Coverage: New groups are added to coverage
Term: 17 April 2023 – 16 April 2023
Minimum Breaks: New provision for 8-hour break if you are called back between 11 pm & 5 am
Scheduled work in off-duty hours: Clarified that a minimum of 3 hours applies.
On call leave: New provision for up to 3 days leave for on-call work that covers weekends
Back Pay: from 17 April 2023

Salary Scales:

  • New Scales included with service steps
  • Provisions about how to translate to appropriate step and progress upwards.
  • Abatement process where there were retention allowances, which are now included in salaries.
  • Provision for leading hand & supervisors’ rates.
  • Members will receive no less than $4,000 in the first year, and no less than $2000 or 3% in the second year. Most get much more, see scales, terms of settlement and tracked changed agreement for full details.
  • New scales for trades, with progression arrangements. Clarity for leading hands and supervisors.
  • Some titles will change to those in the agreement.
  • New scales for stores, with process to check any store person who has not been translated to pay equity scale.
  • Bottom rate for unqualified Gardeners, & grounds, Labourers and Trades assistants removed to ensure all rates are above the living wage.
  • One off payments for non-trades group $750 first year $500 second year.

Bargaining fee
Agreement that subject to a yes vote in ballot, a bargaining fee will be included, requiring non members to pay a bargaining fee.

Working Parties
Merit rate agreed for trades. A working party will sort out the criteria. This work to be completed by 17 April 2024.
A working part to review schedules in preparation for next bargaining

Time to vote

If you are ready to vote you will need your membership number to verify your entitlement to vote. You should receive this via text or email.

There are TWO votes. You need to vote in BOTH.

Click here to vote.

If you have questions, or have not received your membership number, please call 0800186466 for help.

Terms of settlement

Tracked change collective agreement