ANNIVERSARY ADVICE AIA Group Life Assurance Scheme (GLAS)

Every July, your policy will reach an anniversary and your benefits and premium details will be revised, as shown below.

What happens at your policy anniversary.

We review premiums each year so that we can continue to provide the best cover possible while keeping premiums balanced and competitively priced. A number of factors can influence the cost of your premiums such as your age, occupation, health and lifestyle in addition to the type of cover you choose and the rates we use to calculate premiums.

It’s a good idea to review your insurance cover when your circumstances change or once every two years to ensure it continues to meet your needs. Any changes to your benefits and premiums will be based on the options you have selected and the terms and conditions you have agreed to.

Your premium GLAS levy is $1.40 per week and will be increasing by 60c per week to a new rate of $2.00 per week from 1st September 2021.

E tū Plan Summary

Your cover at a glance

Type of benefit Benefit basisBenefit expiry age
Life CoverA fixed amount of $10,00070
Benefits may be subject to change

Frequently asked questions

What is Life Cover?

Life Cover provides a lump-sum payment in the event of your death.

Who is the Life Cover benefit paid to?

The Life Cover benefit is paid to the Policy Owner (your union), who will arrange for the benefit to be forwarded onto your estate.

What is the definition of Annual Salary?

Annual Salary for the purposes of this policy means the yearly rate of salary or wages applicable to the member as notified to AIA by the Policy Owner when membership commences and subsequently at each policy anniversary date.

Continuing your cover after you leave employment

To continue your cover, simply call your adviser on the phone number below.

If you leave your current employment and a continuation option is available under this policy, you can apply to continue the same level of cover without needing to provide further details about your health.

You can also apply for additional cover, however you will need to provide health details and your application will be subject to acceptance by AIA.

Your replacement cover will be issued under an individual policy and you will need to pay your premiums directly to AIA by individual direct debit or by credit card. You must apply to continue your cover, by contacting your adviser or the AIA Workplace team, within 60 days (in most cases) of leaving employment (check your member certificate for the relevant application period). Special terms and conditions may apply.

If you were to leave your employment, you may be contacted by your adviser or AIA to discuss continuing your cover. If you prefer not to be contacted, please call AIA on 0800 768 867.

For more information, contact your adviser

Adviser Name David Jochem
Adviser Contact Number 03 3795400