Living Wage

New Zealand can’t afford low pay. That’s why E tū is part of the Living Wage Movement.

E tū organises for decent pay and conditions for all workers. Since 2012 we have been organising for the Living Wage, which is currently $23.65 an hour. We are part of the Living Wage Movement Aotearoa New Zealand, which has enabled us to work with communities, faith groups, and other unions to win the Living Wage for hundreds of cleaners, security guards, parking officers, catering workers and others across the country. Thanks to the hard work of E tū members, delegates, and leaders like you we are improving members’ lives through this community-based Movement.

“Support the Living Wage, so that all workers can live with dignity.”

– Situa Tangatauli

You can read more about the Living Wage Movement and the Living Wage here.

We still have lots more to do. Many Kiwis earn less than $23.65 an hour – and we need to work together to change this. All New Zealanders benefit from the Living Wage, not just the low paid, because when people are paid more our local economies prosper and our communities are safer and healthier.

You can be part of the Living Wage Movement through the union and through your community. Just sign up here.

If you want to organise for the Living Wage in your community or workplace email us: or ring us on 0800 186 466 and ask to speak to Mat, or go to the Facebook page Living Wage Aotearoa New Zealand.