What industry am I in?

E tū covers more than 55,000 members in thousands of different jobs across many sectors and industries.

There is overlap between industries so we provide brief descriptions of the E tū industries to help you to see where you fit in.

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E tū Aviation covers most workers in the aviation industry, including aircraft engineers, flight attendants, loaders, aviation security, aviation administrators, aircraft cleaners, and more. If you are employed by an airline and/or work at an airport, chances are you are part of E tū Aviation. There are some exceptions, such as cleaners, caterers, hospitality staff, and security guards who work at an airport but are employed by contractors (for example, Amourguard, OCS, or LSG SkyChefs). Those members are covered in our Public and Commercial Services industry.

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This industry covers electro-communications, postal and logistics, print and media, and more. It also includes coverage of postal workers, lines workers (electrical and data), journalists, printers, couriers, and media workers.

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Community Support

If your job is to care for people, you are probably in E tū’s Community Support industry. This includes aged care (residential and home support), disability support, social services and mental health.

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Engineering, Infrastructure and Extractions

This industry group covers people working in mining, steel and aluminium smelting, construction and building services, concrete and composite materials manufacturing, paint, ink and resin manufacturing,  timber and solid wood processing, wood fibre packaging, heavy engineering manufacturing and maintenance, metal manufacturing, local government, general engineering, water supply, waste and sewage disposal.

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Manufacturing and Food

This industry group covers people working in plastic manufacturing, chemicals, appliances, and the automotive services industry. It covers food manufacturing and processing, including beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), biscuits and confectionery, chicken, dairy products, fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables, and meat.

Some food sector workers are covered by Public and Commercial Services, such as airline and hospital catering, and hospitality workers.

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Public and Commercial Services

This is one of our most diverse industry groups. We cover public hospitals, cleaning, security, catering, clerical, schools, hospitality, tourism, musicians, union staff, and more. Some workers who are in these occupations are in a different industry group.

A good rule of thumb is that if you do this kind of work in just one industry, you are probably covered by that industry. For example, aircraft cleaners and aviation security are covered by the Aviation industry group and not Public and Commercial Services.

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