Women’s Committee

The Women’s Committee brings together women representatives from across E tū to develop strategies to improve the lives of working women in Aotearoa. Many of our industries are predominantly female and their work is undervalued and underpaid, in a large part because many of their skills and responsibilities are associated with traditional women’s work, which was performed in the home and unpaid, such as caring for our elderly citizens, cooking and cleaning. This work has been recognised now through our victory in the Kristine Bartlett equal pay case.

Equal pay, domestic violence, building confidence, knowledge and new skills along with many other issues are topics for consideration by the women’s network.

“Working women, especially working mothers or women caring for other family members, have additional issues at work. They often have to work around their children and family responsibilities. They use their sick leave to care for family members, then have no leave left when they get sick themselves. There are difficulties advancing their careers because they’re women.”

“If women don’t speak up for themselves and make changes, who’s going to do it? Women in New Zealand fought to get the vote, and won, but it took a long time. Collectively, we make a difference.”

– Wellington caregiver, Marianne Bishop

E tū Women’s Committee in 2017

To get in touch, please email etuwomen@etu.nz