Public and Commercial Services

E tū represents 10,000 members in Public and Commercial Services (PACS). We cover public hospitals, cleaning, security, catering, laundries, clerical, schools, hospitality, tourism, musicians, parliamentary services, ministerial services, union staff, universities, and much more.

Our members are as diverse as our industries, and around two thirds are women.

About half the members in public hospitals (the biggest group in PACS) are contracted out. The same contractors are active in tertiary institutions, schools, commercial cleaning and laundries. E tū is strongly opposed to the contracting model which encourages a ‘race to the bottom’ as contractors use low wages and poor conditions to get a competitive advantage.

Our key priorities and campaigns

The Living Wage campaign was formed out of the need to find new ways to win in sectors where the funder of wages is not the employer, as with contracted cleaners and security guards.

Click here to find out more: Living Wage Campaign

Fair Pay Agreements have recently been legislated for and will enable us to set decent standards across entire industries, starting with cleaning, security, and hospitality.

Click here to find out more: Fair Pay Agreements

2023 is going to be a massive year for workers in Public and Commercial Services, with the above, and also health reform, the rebuilding of the Musician’s Union, lots of bargaining, and the ongoing push for decent work.

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Wellington City Council parking wardens strike for a fair deal, August 2017