E tū is Aotearoa’s largest aviation union with membership at more than 4,000 members.

We represent multiple sub-industries, including:

  • Cabin crew
  • Airport workers (i.e. cargo and ground handlers, passenger services, cleaners)
  • Border services and security
  • Catering services
  • Aircraft engineers and refuellers
  • Airline workers

We’ve fought to support workers during the pandemic, to keep engineering and maintenance jobs in New Zealand, to bring cabin crew together for better working conditions.

We’ve spearheaded strategic employee engagement at Air New Zealand. We’re campaigning to rebuild the aviation sector to make it a high wage, high skill industry, where everyone earns the Living Wage or above.

Our campaigns

E tū aviation workers are organising for:

Aviation Industry Council

E tū aviation members industry-wide interests are represented on our National Executive by the elected Aviation Industry Council convenor.

E tū has six Industry Councils, including Aviation, each of which serves a two-year term.

The councils are made up of E tū delegates who are appointed by the E tū National Executive, following expressions of interest from delegates nationwide.

The council’s members represent their given industry on their specific Industry Council.

Each Industry Council also elects a convenor, who sits on the National Executive.

Two representatives from the Industry Council (including the convenor) attend the E tū Biennial Conference – the highest decision-making body in the union.


E tū Aviation Industry Council, 2021