The governance and democratic structure of E tū is designed to allow as many opportunities as possible for members, delegates and activists to be involved in debating the issues that affect our union and contributing to the big decisions about our direction as a union.

E tū is committed to inclusiveness and strong representation for tangata whenua, Pasifika, women, and young members. Diverse representation is at the heart of our decision-making structures.

Everyday members make the call by electing union representatives, from workplace delegates and Health and Safety Representatives to our Presidents and the National Secretary.

Our union’s democracy ensures that E tū remains a vehicle for working people, led by working people.

National Executive

The National Executive is the governing body of our union. It oversees the budget, makes day-to-day decisions about union policy, confirms the union’s strategic plan, and approves the Annual Report and accounts in Conference off-years.

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Biennial Union Conference

Our conference happens every two years and is the ultimate decision-making authority. The Conference may refer matters for decisions to the Biennial Membership Meetings. It is our largest gathering of E tū members in one place, attended by the whole National Executive, dozens more delegate representatives, Industry Council Representatives, and representatives from our committees and networks.

Annual Delegate Forums

Every year, all E tū delegates are invited to one of our many Delegate Forums across the country. These Forums discuss the union direction, campaigns and organising issues, as well as electing Forum Convenors in Conference years.

Biennial Membership Meetings

All members as invited to the Biennial Membership Meetings which are held every two years in hundreds of locations. There are are mix of site meetings and general meetings. Members vote on matters referred from the National Executive and Union Conference, as well as elect National Executive Regional Representatives and Vice Presidents.

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Te Runanga

Women’s Committee

Komiti Pasifika

Youth Network

Trades Reference Group