Holiday rights

Public Holidays 2020/21: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, and the Day after New Year’s Day

In 2020/21, Boxing Day and the Day after New Year’s Day fall on a Saturday, so these two holidays will be ‘Mondayised’. This means that if you usually work Monday to Friday, then these two paid holidays move to the following Monday.

If you usually work on a Saturday, then that is your paid public holiday day off. If you are required to work, you get time-and-a-half AND an alternative holiday (or day in lieu).

Every worker in New Zealand is entitled to either paid days off at Christmas and New Year OR alternative paid holidays

If you have to work on any of these days, then you must be paid at time-and-a-half rate AND be provided with an alternate day off.

The timing of alternative holidays is your choice, but must be at a time that your employer agrees to.

If you have an accident or get sick during your holidays, you can claim this as sick leave, with a medical certificate

Remember to check your collective agreement for any specific holiday entitlements.