Just Transition

Taranaki begins Just Transition

Our Taranaki delegates are working alongside industry representatives and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) as part of E tū’s involvement in creating a Just Transition in the region.

Just Transition is a union initiative to prepare, train and equip workers and communities for an economy based on green energy technologies and industries. This is important for our many members in carbon-based industries and across our manufacturing sectors.

After several meetings, a 12-person leadership group has been set up to explore what the future holds, working industry by industry.

Team member and E tū delegate Sean Hindson says a Just Transition means fairness in wages, the creation of high wage jobs, and the development of long-term energy alternatives for the region.

“That’s incredibly important,” says Sean. “We have to start looking forward to the future, especially for younger generations. I think our sector will be around for a few decades, but we need both massive changes to our infrastructure and the development of the correct kind of energy for the future.”

Sean says he’s excited to be involved and receiving good quality information he can share with other members and the wider public.

“I can see there’s a lot of positive things to come and some really big opportunities for our region through this process.”