Members in action

Spotless win

Spotless cleaning and kitchen workers at Wellington hospital celebrate after their collective agreement is finally settled after months of delay from their employer.

E tū members at Bay of Islands, Kaitaia, Rotorua, Kenepuru, and Wellington hospitals all filed strike notices for mid-June. However, the day before the strike was due to begin, Spotless signed off the agreement at last. A fantastic win!

Unstoppable Sistema team

The strong delegate team at Sistema Plastics are once again back at the table to negotiate their new collective agreement.

New shoes at Te Whatu Ora

Since mid-May, members working as orderlies and cleaners at Waitemāta and Counties Manukau Te Whatu Ora can now access shoe vouchers so they can purchase and choose their own work shoes from a range of set styles. The win comes after a huge organising effort by delegates, including a survey which 150 members filled in, showing the old supplied shoes were so uncomfy on the job that members were resorting to buying their own. Thanks to the delegate team’s efforts, Te Whatu Ora members now have the right feet for their beats.

Lifewise bargaining

Over the summer of 2020, Lifewise members took strike action, running pickets for a couple of months before their company agreed to negotiate a collective agreement for members. Now they’re onto their third collective agreement, with many of the same delegates who led the first strike action still on the bargaining team. That’s union power!

E tū Women’s Committee hui

Our Women’s Committee met in early June to discuss their concerns about the ongoing issue of domestic violence against women, and the importance of voting in the General Election this October. They want to make sure all wāhine are aware that they have access to 10 days’ domestic violence leave at any time.

MP meeting for delegates

At their stage four delegate training, E tū delegates met with local Taieri Labour MP, Ingrid Leary, to talk about the cost of living, including a suggestion to get rid of GST on fresh food, tax changes, and ask questions about vaping laws. Delegates were clear that they wanted to see a fairer distribution of wealth in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Enliven home support workers drive a fair bargain

The Enliven delegate team has been working hard representing members but have unanimously rejected the latest offer from their employer, so expect to be back around the table sometime soon.

Collective win before closure

Members at Reliance Worldwide ratified their final collective agreement before they got word that the company was closing down all operations by September. E tū has been supporting members through the redundancy process which started in June.

Visy Glass ratify

In March, Visy Glass members settled their latest collective agreement, after almost a year of bargaining. Bargaining at Visy Glass is led by the delegate team, with the support of a union organiser. Delegate Gerard Peter says this helps everyone at the table, including management, to have a “better understanding of what’s going on”.

Safer staffing in homecare support

Homecare support workers employed by Pacific Home Care (PHC) met to put together claims for their bargaining, which started in May. A big claim is for a ‘working alone’ or ‘understaffed’ commitment and allowance provision, so the company commits to providing two staff where needed, or an allowance provided to the solo worker doing the job. However, workers aren’t recommended to do the job of two people – especially not if it’s unsafe for them or their clients.

First steps to new collective at Tiwai

Members at Tiwai Aluminium Smelter in Southland have initiated for a fresh collective agreement for the first time in more than 20 years. This is a huge achievement, as the smelter is one of the largest employers in the region, with around 1000 workers at the plant and great potential to grow E tū membership. The smelter still faces an uncertain future but is committed to remain open until the end of 2024.

Kone members settle new agreement

Members working at elevator engineering company Kone will receive free union membership for new and existing members, and at least a 14% pay rise over three years as part of their new collective agreement. Now, that’s a power lift!

Zero offer for cleaners under MECA leads to action

Members covered by the multi-employer collective agreement (MECA) for commercial cleaners have been taking action after the companies offered no increase at all above the minimum wage in recent bargaining.