Porirua City Council to become Living Wage accredited

The Living Wage delegation celebrating Porirua City Council’s Living Wage commitment

After 10 years of campaigning, community leaders in Porirua are excited that workers employed by contractors will be paid at least the Living Wage when contracts are renewed, as the council takes the step of becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer.

Porirua will join other accredited councils including their neighbours, Wellington City Council and Hutt City Council.

Porirua City Council cleaner, Salota Sami, is “100% happy” to be getting the Living Wage.

“This means I can put money towards my dream of taking my children back to the Islands one day. It also helps with paying for my medication and looking after my health.”

As we approach the local elections in October, local Living Wage networks across Aotearoa are gearing up to make sure candidates are making strong Living Wage commitments. Porirua City Council joining the growing list of accredited councils demonstrates the real momentum our council campaigns are having across the country!

Living Wage rate goes up to $23.65 on 1 September

The Living Wage moves up every year, with the new rate announced on 1 April and coming into effect on 1 September. This means that everyone both directly and indirectly employed by accredited Living Wage Employers will be getting at least $23.65 per hour from September.

Most years, the Living Wage moves up based on a calculation of the increase in the average annual earnings, which is one way of measuring inflation. Every five years, the rate is completely recalculated to make sure that it stays relevant and based on the latest factors, including day to day costs and changes to government support. This will happen in 2023, when a fully reviewed rate will be announced in April.