Your voice matters!

Wellington security guard Wayne Richdale

Local elections 2019

At E tū’s latest round of Delegate Forums, our elected workplace representatives shared what matters most to them and their communities.

At the top of the list were housing and the cost of living. These are issues that require everyone’s input to solve – especially our politicians. With local elections coming up, we need our issues to be front and centre. That’s why it’s crucial that you vote and get involved in your local elections.

With 55,000 members, E tū has the power to make real change in local elections. We have a proud history of success, including many different Living Wage wins across the country that are a direct result of E tū members and our campaigns fought alongside our communities.
Wellington security guard Wayne Richdale now earns the Living Wage, thanks to our campaign at Wellington City Council. He knows that union power makes all the difference in local elections.

“For me, the Living Wage is about being able to keep my head above the water,” Wayne says.

“Prices are skyrocketing wherever you look, housing, food, and transport, in particular. I feel for the families out there who are struggling. That’s why we all need to campaign for them to get a Living Wage.

“It makes all the difference.”