E tū is the union for care and support workers

Join us today!

Do you work in care and support? Join us in E tū, to use our collective voice to win the change we need across the care industry. E tū represents workers in:

  • residential aged care
  • home support
  • disability support
  • mental health and addictions

E tū has led the charge for change in the care and support sector for decades. Our historic Equal Pay Settlement, led by E tū member Kristine Bartlett, won big pay rises for most care and support workers in 2017. But the rates have fallen behind again, and we’re fighting hard for a new pay equity settlement – and we need your voice in the mix.

It’s not just about hourly pay rates, all sorts of issues need fixing. We need safer staffing levels, allowances that properly recognise needs, better opportunities for training and upskilling, and real respect at work.

E tū also campaigns for bigger, systemic change for the care sector. We know that the way care and support services are funded by the government, but are delivered by private providers, creates many problems. We have a vision for transforming the care sector so it works better for everyone – workers, clients, and the wider community alike.

Of course, joining E tū also means you get all the benefits union members receive. Advice and support when you need it, representation if you ever get into trouble, discounts and deals on certain services, and much more.

Good pay and conditions don’t just fall from the sky – they are won by union members. Join us today, we’ll be even stronger with you on board.