Check your pay

Make sure you are getting paid properly

There are many useful online resources for checking that you are being paid correctly. If you find that you’re not being paid correctly, or you think there is another issue with your pay and entitlements, make sure to contact E tū straight away!

Click here to read ‘Employee pay check‘ on the Employment NZ website, which is a comprehensive guide to checking that you’re getting what you should.

Click here to read ‘Calculating payments for holidays and leave‘ on the Employment NZ website, to get a full picture of what your entitlements should be for holidays and other leave.

Click here to download the ‘Leave and holidays‘ PDF, which is a complete guide to leave and holidays entitlements in New Zealand.

Online calculators

Click here to calculate your Average Daily Pay, which you will need to know to make sure you’re getting the right amount of holiday pay.

Click here to use the ‘pay as you earn’ (PAYE) calculator to work out your gross pay, taxes, deductions, and take-home pay.

How does my pay compare to other people doing similar work?

There are also good online resources for finding out whether you’re getting as much as you should be for your industry.

Click here for the Trade Me Jobs salary guide, which lists occupations and the usual range of salaries for them.

Click here for the salary guide to view pay ranges for jobs and find out how qualifications can affect what you earn.