A Fair Pay Agreement for cleaners

This page is for cleaners who will be covered by the new Fair Pay Agreement. Information for employers covered by the Fair Pay Agreement can be found by clicking here.

E tū union members who work as cleaners across Aotearoa New Zealand have won an historic opportunity to improve the lives of workers, their families, and their communities. A Fair Pay Agreement means better pay and standard conditions for everyone in the cleaning industry. Join us to make it happen.

E tū represents over 50,000 workers across the country, including cleaners. We now have approval to start negotiating a Fair Pay Agreement, and we’re excited to let you know that you are covered. You will benefit from what we can achieve together.

How does it work?

Representatives of cleaners and cleaning employers will meet to negotiate a new set of minimum pay and conditions, that will sit above the legal minimums, including your workplace agreement. You will have the chance to discuss what you would like to see in the Fair Pay Agreement and to vote on the final proposal in meetings with other cleaners. Once we have one in place, your employer must apply it.

The Fair Pay Agreement doesn’t replace your normal employment agreement – it simply sets out in law a new set of minimum pay and conditions that your employer must meet.
Here are some of the things that could be in the Fair Pay Agreement:

  • At least the Living Wage for everyone in the industry
  • Better training and upskilling opportunities for career development
  • Improved health and safety protections
  • More say for workers in how things are run

E tū has a long history of standing up for workers to get a better deal. We will win the best deal if as many people are in the union as possible.

We warmly invite you to join E tū! Join today – click here!

What are the other benefits of being in the union?

There are many good reasons to join with all cleaners as an E tū member:

  • Support from union organisers when you need it
  • Representation if you get into trouble at work
  • Education and training opportunities
  • Discounts and savings on selected services