E tū Payroll Deduction Form

Please complete this form if you are changing your E tū membership subscription payment method to Payroll Deduction, or if you are your changing employer and wish to continue to pay E tū membership fees by Payroll Deduction.

Completing this form will authorise your employer to deduct and pay your Union fees on your behalf.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with E tū by email to membership@etu.nz or give us a call on 0800 186 466

E tū’s Terms of Membership

These are the basic rules we ask members to understand and agree to before joining. The full Union Rules are available to download here.

  1. You agree to be bound by and observe the rules of the Union.
  2. You agree to pay Union fees at the rate set by the Union from time to time.
  3. You authorise your employer to deduct your Union fees from your wages at such rate as is notified to the employer by the Union at such intervals and in such manner as the Union and the employer agree.
  4. If you wish to resign from the Union, you will give the Union 14 days’ notice in writing and will pay fees up to the expiry of that notice.
  5. You authorise the Union to represent you in relation to your collective employment interests including bargaining for a collective agreement covering your work and you agree to be bound by the outcome of any ratification procedure conducted in accordance with the Union’s rules.
  6. You authorise the Union to represent you in relation to negotiating or enforcing any individual employment rights or in any employment investigations and to represent you under section 236 of the Employment Relations Act.
  7. You acknowledge that the Union has no obligation to represent you in relation to any employment issues that arose prior to your joining the Union.
  8. You acknowledge that the Union has a discretion as to whether and how it may represent you in any matter including commencing or continuing legal proceedings and that you have the right to complain to the National Secretary if you are dissatisfied with any such decision.
  9. You agree that the Union may at its absolute discretion delegate its authority to represent you to any other person or organisation as it decides appropriate.
  10. You authorise the Union to obtain personal information about you that might otherwise be protected from disclosure under the Privacy Act, from your employer or any agent of your employer, including but not limited to wage and time records.
  11. You agree to the Terms of Membership, to receive communications from the Union, distributed at worksites, by post, or digitally. Email, texts and online information are our main form of communication. Information is also distributed at worksites.
  12. Where applicable, you agree to authorise your employer to deduct union fees from your wages and forward to the Union at least monthly when your application to join the Union is accepted. If this is not the right option for your workplace, the Union will contact you for an alternative payment method.
  13. Any increase in union fees decided on by the Union, will be notified to your employer in writing by the Union and shall constitute an authorised deduction in accordance with this authority.