Equal pay rates

1 July is Equal Pay Celebration Day!

It’s time to celebrate the next step of the historic Equal Pay victory. 

If you work as a caregiver or HCA, your pay is going up to the 1 July 2018 rate on the care and support workers’ pay scale below.  This milestone is a reminder to check your payrate and make sure it’s right, based on your years of service with your current employer or your level of qualifications.  This is also a reminder to check that you are receiving training to complete your level 4 qualification.  Your employer has to put in place support for you to receive the training.

We’re winning because care workers like you joined E tū and campaigned with Kristine Bartlett for this victory.  Winning Equal Pay is just the first step to valuing care workers. Think of what we can achieve next if we all work together!

What you should do now:

  • Check your pay (see the rates below) and training entitlement to make sure you progress up the levels
  • Talk with your workmates about joining E tū today so we can keep building a powerful voice in care and support and make home support work better for the future
  • Forward this email to a friend and ask them to join with us today!

New pay rates – from 1 July 2018

Pay scale 1


Level 1 July 2017 1 July 2018 1 July 2019 1 July 2021
1 L 0 or <3 years’ service $19.00 $19.80 $20.50 $21.50
2 L2 or 3 years’ service $20.00 $21.00 $21.50 $23.00
3 L3 or 8+ years’ service $21.00 $22.50 $23.00 $25.00
4 L4 or 12+ years’ service $23.50 $24.50 $25.50 $27.00
Qualifications are those recognised by NZQA. Service is the current continuous service with your current employer and only applies to those already employed as at July 1 2017.


For those employed before 1 July 2017, but who achieve 12 years continuous service after 1 July 2017 and do not have a Level 4 qualification, you will move onto the pay scale below rather than Level 4 on the pay scale above.

  After 1 July 2017 1 July 2018 1 July 2019 1 July 2021
$22.50 $23.50 $24.50 $26.00