Luxon’s Government has cancelled Fair Pay Agreements.

We have some very disappointing news. The new National-led coalition Government announced yesterday their plan to cancel your Fair Pay Agreement before we’ve even been able to negotiate it.

Fair Pay Agreements were established under the last Labour Government. The idea was to set pay and conditions for the entire industry, sitting above the legal minimums. This was our best opportunity in decades to fight for the improvements you need like a Living Wage start rate, proper health and safety, and career development opportunities.

The Government’s decision to cancel Fair Pay Agreements is a blow for all workers, especially those who have already started the Fair Pay Agreement process, like cleaners and security guards.

Everyone needs to join the union

Your employer is part of the Commercial Cleaners Multi-Employer Employment Agreement (MECA). This means we are already negotiating to improve your pay and conditions – but your employer is currently refusing to over even a cent above the minimum wage. We can’t accept that, so join us as we fight for the pay and conditions you really deserve.

Winning decent wages and conditions now depends on cleaners joining the union for real power, so we can go to the employers together and ask for a better deal. That is the power of a union.

Not only do you get to be part of a collective voice of people calling for fairness, but union members also get important services and protection when you need it. If something’s not right at work, or you get in trouble, or you just need advice and training on how to get the best out of your employment, the union is here for you.

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