Collective letter to the Privacy Commission

This letter is for E tū and PSA members at Geneva Healthcare NZ who have concerns about the way digital information is collected and used. Please fill out the form below to add your voice to our calls to protect our privacy. 

Dear Privacy Commissioner,

Support workers who are employed by Geneva Healthcare NZ are concerned that personal information which has been collected about them may be placed on a web portal and accessed by the company’s clients, support people and whanau. We believe this information is being used without the appropriate up front approval from support workers for this new purpose.

We have a concern that this breaches principle ten of the Privacy Act relating to limits on the use of personal information.

We understand that the Privacy Commission has recently completed a report looking into how personal data is protected in this age of swift technological advancement. We would be interested in meeting with the Privacy Commission to discuss your understanding of how the Act applies in situations such as ours, and the rights we have in this situation.

Yours sincerely,