Cleaners deserve more than zero!

The employers who are part of the Commercial Cleaners Multi-Employer Collective Agreement (MECA) have offered nothing in recent negotiations. In the past, E tū members have been able to negotiate increases above the minimum wage, but this time the bosses said “no”.

That’s not good enough. We know cleaners deserve fair pay and respect.

The employers are OCS, ISS, City Cleaning, PPCS, Total Property Services (TPS), Millennium, Kleenrite, Watershed, United Cleaning Services, and Westferry. Between them, they have some of the biggest cleaning contracts across both the public and private sectors in Aotearoa New Zealand.

For example, OCS have the cleaning contract for Auckland International Airport. The airport is vital infrastructure, partially owned by the public, and is very profitable. We think that the airport has a social responsibility to step in as a major client and tell OCS to treat their workers with respect. You can help with that.

Use the form below to send a message to Auckland International Airport, explaining why they should call on their cleaning contractor to give their cleaners a fair go.

A message to Auckland International Airport

To Auckland International Airport, I am a worker covered by the multi-employer collective agreement that covers commercial cleaners in Aotearoa New Zealand. Your airport uses one of these companies, OCS, as your cleaning contractor. The employers have recently given us a zero-offer, meaning no increase at all above the minimum wage. This is unprecedented, and unacceptable.