My Homecare Guidelines

Operational as of October 1, 2018


My Homecare is a website that lets clients manage home care services provided by Geneva Healthcare Ltd (Geneva). It’s designed to make it easy for clients and their family to search for available services, choose their own Support Workers (SW), schedule care bookings, and find useful information. This document sets out guidelines relating to this new service, related to employee information and experiences.

1. Personal information

a. SWs may at any time view any of their personal information held by Geneva, including personal information held on My Homecare. To do so, they may use the Geneva LIVE 2.0 mobile app or the SW web portal, Alternatively, they may contact Geneva on 0800 436 382 – extn 2123 for the Customer Love Team, or by sending an email to SWs may request that any inaccurate, derogatory or false information be removed or amended, or that their comments be included for clarity.

b. The operation of work via the platform, including any data collected on the platform such as client feedback, cannot adversely affect the employee’s conditions of employment, will not be used to discipline employees, does not replace any existing complaint and investigation processes, and specifically cannot influence whether or not employees are allocated additional work. Where SW’s have opted out of My Homecare, their personal information will not be used on the website.

2. Addressing risks and hazards

a. Geneva will take a proactive approach to monitoring and managing any risks associated with managing work via My Homecare including potential privacy, discrimination and sexual harassment issues, as a result of SWs having their photo or other information available online.

b. If SWs experience any inappropriate behaviour through My Homecare, they are required to report that behaviour to Geneva.

c. Geneva will address any incidents that are brought to its attention and ensure any repeated behaviours placing SWs at risk are managed appropriately. This includes harassment or other problematic behaviours SWs may experience from clients and/or their family members who have access to My Homecare.

d. Geneva will manage any new or arising health and safety risks which surface as a result of this platform coming into operation.

3. Consultation and review

a. Geneva and the unions (E tū and PSA) will hold a review meeting after the platform has been in operation after a 3, 6, and 12-month period to discuss and seek to address any issues arising for SWs following its introduction, including but not limited to: the above, along with any impact on the guaranteed hours, in between travel and equal pay settlements.

b. Geneva reserves the right to vary or amend these guidelines at any time, following consultation with the unions.