Rest in peace, Fa’anana Efeso Collins

From E tū National Secretary Rachel Mackintosh:

E tū is deeply saddened by the passing of Fa’anana Efeso Collins. Our thoughts are with his family and his community as they come to terms with this shocking loss.

Efeso was a friend to E tū and the union movement. He was a Solidarity Member of E tū, and many of our members and staff got to know him well during the 2022 local election campaign, with many of his campaign activities hosted at our Auckland office.

He was a champion of the Living Wage during his time on Auckland Council. He took the time to really engage with our members, to hear their concerns, and to represent them as a community leader. Efeso spoke at our union’s most recent conference, sharing how his own experience shaped the politician he became, especially fighting for some of the most marginalised and vulnerable people in our communities.

Efeso’s work was an inspiring example of values-driven activism and leadership. We will honour his memory as we continue to fight for fairness and justice in our workplaces and wider communities. 

From the E tū Komiti Pasifika:

We send heartfelt condolences, prayers and alofa to Fia, Kaperiela, and Asalemo, after the tragic passing of le afioga Fa’anana Efeso Collins MPthis is great loss for their aiga, friends, colleagues, and the many communities in Auckland, all throughout Aotearoa New Zealand, the Pacific, and beyond. 

Fa’anana Efeso was a natural leader. He always fought for Pasifika workers, their families, and other marginalised groups. He was dedicated family man, community leader, and servant of God. He was honest and passionate, and an advocate on issues that many others overlooked, such as injustice for workers, racism, and discrimination. He inspired hope and promoted practical solutions for workers, helping them to rise up and demand fair treatment, justice, and equity in their workplaces. He walked the talk and was a strong supporter of just and secure workplaces where all would prosper, not just the few.

Fa’anana Efeso, your unique presence, charm, handsome smile, wit, intelligence, humour, kindness, compassion, and inspiring courage will be sorely missed. You will be fondly remembered as a genuine and true warrior for the people.

Fa’afetai tele lava mo lou Tautua. Ia Manuia lau malaga Fa’anana Efeso Collins, a great friend, brother and comrade of our union, E tū.

Ua fa’afetai
Ua fa’afetai
Ua malie mata e va’ai

Ua tasi lava oe
Ua tasi lava oe
I lo’u nei fa’amoemoe