Security Fair Pay Agreement – employer information

E tū has been approved by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) to initiate a Fair Pay Agreement for security officers and guards. The Fair Pay Agreements Act 2022 states the obligations you have as an employer to comply with this new piece of legislation. In brief, your obligations are to:

  • Pass on information provided to you by E tū to all employees who will be covered by the Fair Pay Agreement
  • Allow workers the necessary paid time off work to attend meetings about Fair Pay Agreements, which will be announced in due course
  • Provide at least the minimum pay and conditions which will come into force once the Fair Pay Agreement is finalised.

Fair Pay Agreements are a fantastic opportunity to improve the whole industry for employers and workers alike, by bringing up the standards for everyone. Employers are encouraged to talk to each other about Fair Pay Agreements. Please reach out to the New Zealand Security Association for information and support from an employer’s perspective.

E tū and the New Zealand Security Association have established a strong working relationship and are committed to productive negotiations. Click here to read our joint-media release.

Please email if you’d like to discuss anything more with E tū about the Fair Pay Agreement process.

Employee contact details template

Click the link below to view and download a template we have created to help you provide us with your employees’ contact details, as required by the Act.

Statement to provide to all covered employees

Employee contact details document – MBIE

Notice of Approval – MBIE