Solidarity Membership

We know that by acting together we can transform lives!

E tū Solidarity Membership is another way we are reaching out to all our supporters, whether they are retired workers, community leaders, students, or E tū members – past and present.

It means you have a chance to be part of a social justice organisation, ensuring the needs of workers, their families, and communities come first.



Advantages of becoming an E tū Solidarity Member

In becoming a Solidarity Member, you help to:

  • support E tū campaigns, such as the Living Wage, Fair Pay Agreements, and Just Transition
  • maintain a connection to E tū after leaving work
  • access E tū Job Match, a tool to connect workers with potential employers
  • gain information about employers, collective agreements, training opportunities, and more
  • receive an E tū Solidarity badge after one year of becoming a Solidarity Member (or on becoming a $10 per week Solidarity Member)
  • receive an exclusive quarterly E tū newsletter, detailing the work E tū is doing.

Who can become an E tū Solidarity Member?

We recommend Solidarity Membership for:

  • current E tū members who would like to further support E tū campaigns through a weekly top-up Solidarity fee
  • former E tū members or non-members who would like access to Job Match and training opportunities
  • retired E tū members who want to stay linked to E tū and our campaigns
  • whānau of E tū members who want to contribute to E tū’s impact
  • community members who believe in E tū’s mission to create better lives for workers.

Online tools for E tū Solidarity Members

My E tū

E tū Solidarity Members can access key information through my E tū or through the E tū Union Toolbox app. Use My E tū to update your contact details and keep up with union news, events, and more!

Member Advantage

E tū Solidarity Members are also part of the E tū Member Advantage programme. This gives Solidarity Members access to exclusive offers on entertainment, shopping, travel, and financial services.

How do I join?

Choose a weekly fee option from $2, $4, $6, or $10 per week. Current E tū members can simply top up their fees with one of these Solidarity fee options.