Biennial Membership Meetings

Join us at our Biennial Membership Meetings! All members are invited to discuss our progress and participate in our union democracy.

Click here for the BMM schedule.


At the meetings, members will elect representatives for National Executive. The candidates and the positions they are standing for are:

North Island Vice-President: Mischelle Moriarty
North Island Vice-President: Rasela Mulitalo
South Island Vice-President: Natasha Packham
South Island Vice-President: Raymond Pilley
Central Region Representative: Marianne Bishop
Central Region Representative: Angelique Kerr

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Special votes

The E tū Union Rules allow special votes to be held for any ballot conducted at the Union’s Biennial Membership Meetings. A special vote means that you can vote without attending the meeting, but are only issued if:

  • The member has a disability that prevents him/her from fully participating in the meeting; or
  • The member is so ill or infirm that attendance at the meeting is not possible; or
  • The member lives outside a 32 kilometre radius from the meeting place; or
  • The member’s employer requires the member to work at the time of the meeting

Any applications for special votes must be made at least 14 days before the day of the first in the series of Biennial Membership Meetings.

Christopher Gordon, Returning Officer