E tū court win pushes back IDEA Services’ attack on members’ rights

It’s a win for now for IDEA Services members who care for intellectually disabled clients all around the country, after they won the right to keep bargaining for their collective agreement.

Due to the pandemic, bargaining had been legally extended but IDEA Services filed a case to have this removed.

The organisation also pushed back against following the current collective or dealing with E tū.

In court, the judge ruled that the bargaining extension stays and that IDEA needs to continue to uphold members’ rights in the collective agreement.

Community Support Services Industry Council member Gordon Cambridge says he feels IDEA is trying to “wear down” members with their strategy.

“Right from the start of this current bargaining, it felt that they have been in no rush to settle whatsoever.”

IDEA has appealed the court’s ruling, and mediation between E tū and IDEA continues.