E tū’s campaign for Fair Pay Agreements finally delivers a Bill!

Wellington leaders celebrating the First Reading of the Fair Pay Agreement Bill

It’s the moment we have been waiting for! After nearly five years of campaigning, we finally have a Fair Pay Agreement Bill going through parliament, and about to become law. Now it’s time for submissions – and it’s easy! Follow the link to tell Parliament why you want Fair Pay Agreements: Click here to get started on your submission!

Fair Pay Agreements will be the best change for workers in decades. By establishing a system for workers and our unions to negotiate minimum pay and conditions that will cover every worker in an industry or occupation, Fair Pay Agreements will set a level playing field that helps everyone get ahead.

Click here to learn more about how Fair Pay Agreements will work.

E tū members have led the campaign for Fair Pay Agreements since the very beginning. Our union was instrumental in getting Fair Pay Agreements into Labour Party policy, we’ve lobbied MPs from across the political spectrum, and members have been sharing their own thoughts and experiences with the public, to strengthen our call.

We know that good pay and conditions don’t just fall from the sky – union members win them. It has been no different with Fair Pay Agreements. E tū members have made sure this transformational policy has stayed firmly on this Government’s agenda.

We’re nearly there, but we have to keep the pressure on. Submissions on this bill are open right now. E tū has created a very straightforward tool that everyone can use to tell Parliament why we support Fair Pay Agreements.

Click here to get started on your submission!

In her own words: Watch the video below, where E tū member Iunisi Faingaanuku explains why it’s so important that everyone makes a submission on Fair Pay Agreements