Hope after change of Government

Our members have shared their feeling of hope with us in the wake of a change of Government, to a Labour-led coalition with NZ First, and with the Greens as a support party.

Many of our members have struggled with low pay and poor working conditions under the previous nine years of a National-led Government with people working harder and longer than ever to make ends meet.

Now there is hope of better things from this new Government, which rejects the low-wage economy promoted by National since slashing benefits and union rights in 1991.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made this commitment to trade unionists at this year’s biennial CTU conference:

“We will build a better New Zealand – with decent homes for all, with the schools and hospitals we need, with an environment we can cherish, and with decent, well-paying work for our people – and we will build it together.

“Let’s do this!”

It’s also worth repeating the words of the Deputy Prime Minister, Winston Peters, as he announced he was choosing a coalition Government with Labour.

“… far too many New Zealanders have come to view today’s capitalism not as their friend but as their foe and they are not all wrong.”

“You’ve got to start at the bottom to raise the top, so yeah, it’ll make a better society, I hope. There are people who seem to fall through
the cracks, and the
hope is things will improve for them.”

Hugo Keller, AA Road Service

“We’re hoping for fair pay. We’re on the front line and we don’t get paid enough for that. And a better deal for beneficiaries – they’re really down-trodden; they feel down-trodden and they’re often not treated right.”

Kendall Gupwell, Armourguard Security

“I’m hoping for legislation for the benefit of working people, so they can live better lives. I think this Government shows a lot of promise and a lot of hope.”

Don Pryde, E tū President

“The work starts now. What they’ll have to do with what the last Government left – that’s big money, and there’s a lot to do. But yes, it gives people hope. I know it does for myself.”

Mischelle Moriarty, Kiwibank